The dice rolling game no one asked for

but everyone wants to play. Use it when you need to roll some dice or make important life decisions.

What you need to know aboutSnake Eyes

We know rolling dice isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but that might just have changed. Use this life changing app and roll yourself into a better person

Roll dice

If you play a boardgame and need some dice, pull out Snake Eyes and give it a roll

Shake and Bake

You can your device from side to side to hear a satisfying dice roll sound.

Amazing Music

Ok, this one is a lie… this song will drive you nuts.You can switch it off in the Score Screen

Rank Progression

Show of your rank to your friends… cause everyone cares how high your Snake Eyes rank is

Unlock Achievements

Earn achievements by rolling hard to roll combinations

Rest your brain

Snake Eyes will even add your dice rolls up for you


Here are some of the fun achievements you can unlock as you play

Check Out The Awesome Screenshots

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Disclaimer: This might not actually be the best app.

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